Chika Xicana

About Chika Xicana

Chika Xicana is a Latinx based brand. We are based in San Francisco but were originally founded in City Heights, San Diego. We focus on creating poetry, blog posts, art and merchandise to empower and inspire women of color. We want to empower women through cultural education; while also providing a platform on Instagram where women can connect with one another, share stories, and become aware of their cultural surroundings.

Growing up, Korina Moreno (founder), did not have a platform where she could express the colorful life experiences, good or bad, that she was experiencing. She understands how important it is to have a place to share these experiences. She understands it is important for women to talk about these experiences to help and empower one another, specially as women of color.

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Giving Back to the Latinx Community

Chika Xicana has family members who are DACA students and sees them struggling to make something of themselves. She sees and understands that many students have a hard time getting through school because of financial situations. Her cousins had a full time job and went to school full time. Chika Xicana saw the struggles that her cousins had gone through and knows that other students may be struggling. She believes that by creating a scholarship, she could help these students relieve some type of stress and financial relief, even if it is buying their books. She hopes to give more back to her gente.

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